Thursday, August 4, 2011

Undefined friendship.

I've always been a nooby for making new friends especially when comes to appreciating
friends.I don't know how to categorized friends into different stages anymore ever since I've seen and forced to learn the real meaning of "friends".Maybe I cared too much or maybe she have changed.We can talk and talk from morning to dawn and yes I do care when thing changes now.I hate the feelings whenever I'm forced to choose to care or not to.I'm puzzled.Somehow,I always do treasure and recalled back whatever that we have been through.You've found someone better out there or you might not need me as you did before.But I knew,at least you made me understand and widens my perspective when making a friend.The most precious saying from one of my friend taught me a most important and meaningful lesson which is "never expect return after sacrificing" as no one forced you to sacrifice for getting something and finally getting depressed for nothing.I'm sorry if I've been a silly and sucky friend all this while.But somehow,i know where I stand now.Optimistic is all I needed now (:
I love you my friends :)


Tuesday, July 12, 2011


It's been awhile and I'm back for expressing feelings again.
I've been through loads of momentous moment.
Up's and down but always come back to the starting point.
Is like a circle.
Never ending karma.
For real,his the ideal guy for most of the girl if he ever stands out from
the crowd if he ever show how polite and gentlemen he is.
His the one,who help me to go and still going through my toughest life in form6.
There's no one like him that ever appreciate me and i felt comfortable
whenever i was with him.
No matter how bad I perform on my studies,he never look down on me.
In turn,cheered me up by buying me my favourite chocolate although it was late
at night.
His like the sun that shine through my day and the moon that shine through my way in darkness.
His always there for me whenever i needed him.
He will do anything and everything that satisfy me.
Whatever that i want and asked for I'll definitely get it.Whether it is tomorrow or few days after that.
He makes me smile and laugh even by listening to his voice and laughter everyday.
His everywhere in my mind whenever i go.
He've brought me to alot of places and we discover new foods together.
I know i will never regret even by spending my whole lifetime to be with him.
I love him more than anything but why?
Why must something so perfect just spoiled like that JUST because he looses trust on me?
It should'nt be like that.
Lying to him even for the sake of good also will be the last thing I'll do on earth.
Why?Isn't that for whatever I did,I still don't earn his trust?
During the night time,he will automatically appear on my mind.
I just can't help it.
I miss him.
It really hurts when I heard every word he said to me last night.
It really kills me when i got up from my sleep in the morning and the argument
is still on.
He don't know how much i care and love him.
Maybe I don't know how to express out and that's why he don't realise it but i definitely mean it.
I really love him for him.
He said he'll love me eternally and i hope he means it.
I can't make effort for him to leave my life.
I hope he understands how much I need him right now.
I love you dear.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ciao twenty-ten.

So much and too much things that i wished to share but i'm just too lazy to update.
Few more days more,2010 wil comes to an end.
So much had happened and things around passes too fast like in fast forwarding mode.
I miss my old school friends and just wondering do they feel the same? :p
Ever since the spm results out,we've never meet each other till now.
Seriously miss those crazy times that we've been through together all this while.
N now everyone's busy with their own life and start moving on on different pathway.
Is wonderful where you can keep in contact with them till anytime and anywhere.
So,when do you guys free?
Mind sparing some of your precious time for your old friend here? :)

So much thing which happened on me actually made me a stronger person and get to learn how to see different things and peoples at different perspective.
I never know how to fight through fears until i failed at something.
I'm blessed and actually very lucky when get to know new friends which helped me to fight through all the tough situation in my life.
I do appreciate and love them.
They listen,understand and give advice,while i learn,forgive and forget.
Learn how to be more tough,more understandable,more optimistic and more fierce. lol?
I fight for rights but with teachers? *don't know how to survive when there's one more year for me to go*
*rolled eyes*

Been through happy and sad times.
But i appreciate every single moments.
Learn how to love people around you.
You'll never know what happen to tomorrow,only if you have super powers :D
So live your life and day with smiles :)))
*when you know your smiles might just make someone melt* :o

So much too write but seriously when a lazy bump starts to blog,you know they'll never write much :p

So,wish you guys a very advanced HAPPY NEW YEAR first :D

P.S : oh my dear loveable mummy,please let me escape from the house and countdown with my friends then i'll do all the house chores

for one day :p

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Am lovin it.

Seriously did having fun during the deepavali holidays last week.
Me love love love kambing.
What can i ask some more?
Seriously,love every single of my new form sixers friend.
We've been through all the difficulties together and i can seriously feel the bond between us getting stronger and stronger day by day.
We study hard together but play more hard together (:

Anyhow,good things doesn't last long.
Once my result is out i was like *bang head towards any concrete*
Just never gonna satisfied with my marks.
I hate it.Such a dumb.Such a waste.
Try harder?NAH.
Is never easy.
More hardworking?
Yeah babe,unless they ban facebook in m'sia.
*seriously wtf*

And omagosh,never met someone with such a sweet attitude in my life.
Just love it and seriously treasures it.
All i can see now is this person and is definitely not you but someone important.

Just gonna move on with life and as my friend said "Never Give Up" keep moving on.
Hell yeah babe.
Till thennn.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Guess I'm too stressed for the whole two weeks.
Darn exams!
I hate exams!
Two more papers to go which I'm already celebrating it already.
Though form6 is fun but it kills.
So best advice : Enrolled and start to accept the fact that you're going to be a nerd.
All kinds of bio facts were flying here and there on my brain.
Chemistry do kills me.
I tried to love maths but maths hates me *even the teacher hates me*,faith and destiny i guess..lmao.
Others are better to left unsaid.
Anywhat,i do appreciate this life.
Who cares.
Live life to fullest peeps.
Till then,xoxo.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A day to remember.
I love 101010.
I love you.

Dedicate to that very someone :D

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm tired and sick of this.